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Standing bug bounty.
« on: December 27, 2016, 01:52:07 pm »
Standing Bug Bounty
All beta testers automatically apply.

  • For every bug you discover you will receive a sum of 2000 mana, to be increased by 1000 for every subsequent bug you discovered. Your second bug will net you 3k, third 4k and so on.
  • For every bug you discover that is a CTD bug (one that crashes the server) you will be awarded a bonus of 5k mana.

Client bugs (issues with display, formatting and other cosmetics) are not part of this programme. The bounty counters reset upon every subsequent game round.

What is a bug? Server behavior that does not correlate with entries in BoE are bugs. Stuff that smells funny is probably a bug. Things you do that crash the server are most definitely CTD bugs. When in doubt, ask me.

If you discover a game-changer bug that gives you a clear advantage over other players, you are free to exploit it after you have publicly announced it in the appropriate forum. Otherwise you risk nuking your bounty track record.[/list]
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